Who Will Win the 2016 World Series: Who’s Favored To Win World Series

You think the favored Cubs are going to win the 2016 World Series? Guess again. Heed our advice and make money on your future World Series bets.

The Chicago Cubs, a franchise that is the centerpiece of the saddest story in sports, are favored to win the World Series.

That’s right, the Cubs. Favored to win the World Series. Bovada lists them as +300 to take the Fall Classic for the first time since 1908.

If that’s not a sign of the oncoming apocalypse, I don’t know what would be.

Good news, though. Well, good news unless you’re a Cubs fans. It isn’t going to happen. Baseball won’t allow it to.

Why should they? The sad-sack Cubs are the greatest failure story in sports.

They haven’t played in a World Series since 1945. Their 107-year title drought is the longest of the four North American sports. In fact, their last title predates all of the other three leagues - the NHL, born in 1917 and the NFL, which came to life in 1920. Chicago’s 1945 World Series appearance came one year prior to when the NBA first hit the hardwood.

The story of the Cubs as the lovable losers of sports is a tale everyone knows, whether you’re a hard-core seam head or a casual fan of the game played by the boys of summer. You think baseball wants that kind of publicity to go away?

Think about this - the Cubs have played in four National League Championship Series since 1984, and lost them all. Was Steve Bartman a coincidence, or a strategic plant?

Curses are popular. People like to believe there’s something mystical at work when their favorite team doesn’t win, rather than accept the obvious that ultimate failure resulted because the club simply wasn’t good enough to get the job done.

When a curse is lifted, it’s great for the town that was allegedly victimized, but the death of a curse is bad for sports as a whole.

When was the last time you heard anyone mention the Curse of the Bambino? Ever since the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, ending a drought that began in 1919 when the team sold the contract of legendary slugger Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees, the Red Sox are now just another baseball team. There’s no more mystique about them.

You know who else are long-time losers but poised to win it all this fall? That’s right, the Cleveland Indians, second betting choice in the American League at +800.

Imagine the Indians winning it all just months after the Cavaliers claimed the NBA crown, Cleveland’s first title of any kind since 1964.

The Indians haven’t tasted World Series success since 1948. Consider the buzz that would be created by a Fall Classic pitting the Tribe against the Cubbies.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.

So who’s going to win it all? Glad you asked.

It will be another team that’s long overdue for a title, the Texas Rangers.

The second betting choice to win the World Series at +650, Texas, which is 0-2 in World Series play, is loaded from top to bottom.

Baseball won’t get the Cubs-Indians but they’ll still get a great story to sell in the World Series when the Washington Nationals win the NLCS.

Also listed at +650 to capture the World Series, it was back in 1972 when the Washington Senators packed up, left town and became the Texas Rangers. And Washington hasn’t won the World Series since 1924, so there’s that.

If you’re looking for a price on your World Series winner and like to back long shots, look no further than the St. Louis Cardinals, who are pegged at +3300.

The Cardinals are the antithesis of the Cubs. They find ways to win, their last two World Series triumphs in 2006 and 2011 both coming as heavy underdogs.

The Toronto Blue Jays have loaded up to make a run and can’t be overlooked at +900. And if you like to play omens, don’t forget the San Francisco Giants (+750) won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Notice a trend?

Bet on this, though - when the World Series trophy is presented to the champions, it won’t be the Cubs who will be on the accepting end.

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