The Fix Is In took his tin foil hat on the road for a while, then...

Unfortunately not just for me, but for many talented writers and editors, Sports On Earth is no more (oh, sure, the site's still there, but it ain't what it used to be after the "Great Purge" of August 5, 2014). Below are the pieces I managed to get published during my brief tenure there.

The Super Bowl Curse (Or Why the Giants & Jets had Zero Hope in 2013)

Why Sports Gambling Should be Legalized in the United States

The LVH SuperBook: The World's Largest Sports Book

Declan Hill vs. The World

The Scourge of NBA Game Tanking

Fans Rise Up & Unite!

Game Fixing in the Indian Premier League

New Jersey's Hopes of Legal Sports Gambling are Down, but Not Out

The 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth's First Game

 Sports On Earth liked me so much, they gave me my own logo and title: The Conspiracy Theorist. Below are the articles that fell under this heading.

The CIA, the KGB, the 1972 Olympic Gold Medal Basketball Game & Me

Was the 2014 World Cup Draw Fixed?

The Sports World Needs its own Edward Snowden(s)

Ticket Buyers' (Lack of) Rights in an Entertainment Medium such as Professional Sports

The True Story Behind the Mike Tyson - Peter McNeeley Fight

If The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery Was Fixed....

Fixing the 2014 World Cup...Not by Gamblers, but by FIFA Itself

Match Fixing at the 2014 World Cup

Prior to SoE, I worked for peanuts writing for these other outlets. Here are some of those early articles:


Tim Donaghy's Gambling Partner Speaks in New Book - IOC finally takes steps to combat game fixing - The Sports Illustrated "Crime & College Football" Report: What Was Left Out - Supreme Court Dismisses Spygate Suit, Allowing NFL to Legally Cheat - The ATP Tennis Tour is Not Free of Gambling Scandals - Tweet About a Bad Call Made by a NBA Ref & Get Sued - HGH Testing Finally Coming to the NFL? - Did the Chicago Cubs throw the 1918 World Series against the Boston Red Sox? - The 2012 NFL Draft: Why It's Unamerican - Why Can't Fans See or Hear the Evidence Against the Saints in the Bounty Case? - Game Fixing in Video Games - The BCS Playoffs are Worth Over $5 Billion - Why Aren't American Swimmers being Questioned for Performance-Enhancing Methods? - New Jersey vs. the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL on legalized sports gamblingThree plead guilty to game fixing at University of San Diego.


'08-'09 Stanley Cup Finals too good to be true? - Why the NFL's Anti-Gambling Stance is BS - The NFL's 2009 Kickoff: Coincidence or Conspiracy? - Should the NBA Worry about the NJ Nets New Owner? - The NBA's Lies Regarding Tim Donaghy - Did Tiger Woods' Troubles Begin When He Became Pals with Michael Jordan & Charles Barkley? - Is the Patriots Recent Downturn Due to the Team No Longer Cheating? - Did the NFL award the New York Jets a playoff spot for the Brett Favre Fiasco? - The Hidden Message in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's anti-Indianapolis Colts Stance - Further Proof the MLB's Drug Policy is BS - Fixing the 2010 World Cup - The Pittsburgh Steelers Double Standard on Ben Roethlisberger - What the NFL's demand for an 18 game season really means - Is Tiger Woods Being Forced to Play by the PGA? - Reggie Bush Isn't Alone in Needing to Return the Heisman - The Newest Steroid Scandal in Baseball