Here is the information I have received: Super Bowl XLV will be decided by the actions - or more likely non-actions - of referee Walt Anderson and his crew.  With the very real potential of the NFL owners locking out its players next season, the last thing the NFL wants is to see its crown jewel marred by a "bad call" and have its fans left with that rotten taste in their mouths for perhaps two seasons.

If penalties are to come, they will come early to keep things close.  The second half will be free-wheeling and allow the players to seemingly determine who wins and loses. The whistles will be quiet and the flags kept in their pockets.  Watch for one of these non-calls to influence the game's outcome.

There is a very real chance this becomes the first Super Bowl to go into overtime, setting up controversy - the kind the NFL enjoys - with the new playoff overtime rules coming into effect and making this game "one for the ages."

That said, you're asking, who wins?

The NFL is not naive to the numerous internet rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the past two Steelers' Super Bowl victories. Add on top of that the off-the-field issues of Ben Roethlisberger, the controversy surrounding James Harrison and his helmet-to-helmet hits, and Hines Ward bashing of the league and all signs point to:


(Sorry, Ian, I know that's not what you wanted to read)

For all you doubters out there....

 In case you think this "prediction" was made after Super Bowl XLV concluded or that I changed what was written above at any point, here is the Coast to Coast AM Twitter feed from the Monday night after the game. 

As you can read from Ian's posts, my source provided the information prior to the game and what we came up with nearly matched what occurred exactly.

Was it all just "coincidence" - like the game was supposed to be - or something else entirely?