The Fix Is In's Not-Really-a-Prediction "Prediction" for Super Bowl XLVII (aka the non-trademarkable Harbowl)

Here's the deal: I've been asked by quite a few fans of this site if I was going to post a prediction on this year's Super Bowl. My fans are great, and I'm actually surprised by how many I have. I hate to disappoint them by not making a prediction, but when I do so I run into a conundrum. If I'm correct, I hear, "Well, everyone knew that was going to happen." If I'm wrong, I get, "You obviously don't know what you're talking about, so your theories about professional sports must be wrong."

In other words, I can't win.

That written, I'll say this about this year's game. I don't think the NFL will lose unless it's a lopsided blowout. And even then, this game will be the most watched program on television this year (in fact, in case you didn't know, the Super Bowl holds 10 of the Top 20 Most Watched TV shows in history). If I had to - legally owned gun to my head - pick a team, I'd say things are leaning the 49ers way.

Why? Four reasons: One, the 49ers recently landed their stadium deal, and the NFL tends to reward teams that sucker taxpayers out of their money. Two, Colin Kaepernick is a budding star and has more TV appeal than Joe Flacco. Three, from what I've heard, bettors have been heavy on the underdog Ravens and Vegas rarely loses. And four, the Ray Lewis deer antler spray story is a nice "out" for the Ravens - they were "too distracted" by the press to do their best (so will go the excuse), thus dampening any future reporting on such stories prior to "big" games.

This probably means the Ravens will win, and Ray Lewis will go to ESPN a "two time Super Bowl hero."

The question I have for you is, are you gambling on this game in any way? Putting a few bucks down on some squares or a parlay card? All to make the game more interesting? I hope not because the NFL and it's cohorts are fighting the state of New Jersey to keep sports gambling illegal. The leagues' fear is that you, Mr. or Ms. Fan, will turn into Mr. or Ms. Gambler and watch these games for the entirely wrong reasons. Can't have that happen now, can we?

Enjoy, folks!