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Past Interviews

From March 23, 2010 onward author Brian Tuohy has appeared on nearly 200 different radio programs - both local and national - and podcasts promoting his books The Fix Is In, Larceny Games, and A Season in the Abyss while discussing game fixing & sports "conspiracies." Some of these are available to listen to or download. Others have been lost in time.



The Tom Barnard Show (Feb. 19th)

Midnight in the Desert w/Dave Schrader (Feb. 7th)

Mississippi Sports this Morning - WJDX 620 AM (Jan. 30th)

Huddlin' with the Pros (Jan. 30th)



InfoWars War Room (October 3rd)

The Matt Riviera Show (September 14th)

Illegal Formation podcast (April 15th)

Tony Basilio Show (Feb. 9th)

Football and Stuff podcast (Feb. 8th)


The Fan 590 in St. Louis (Sept 22nd)

The Ripple Effect Podcast (Sept 11th)

The Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Part 1 (Sept 2nd) Part 2 (Sept 9th)

The Conspiracy Corner (July 18th)

Dark Sun Rising (June 26th)

The Other Side of Midnight w/Richard C. Hoagland (June 18th)

Detroit Sports 105.1 (April 27th)

Here's a written interview of me at Vocativ (April 14th)

Alex Jones Show (April 14th)

Ink Sports (Feb. 25th)

Coast to Coast AM (Jan. 23rd)


 Prime Time Sports (Nov. 5th)

 Hangin' with the Pros (Oct. 21st)

 Fantasy Wiseguys (Oct. 16th)

 The Kings Court (Oct. 15th)

 The Tony Basilio Show (Oct. 15th)

 The Steve Czaban Show (Oct. 14th)

 Erskine Overnight (Oct. 3rd)

The Real Deal w/James Fetzer (January 30th)

The Alex Jones Show (January 11th)


The Dan Patrick Show (October 22nd)

The Brian Kenny Show on NBC Sports Radio (August 25th)

The Steve Czaban Show on Yahoo! Sports Radio (August 19th)

Want to see/hear me argue with former NFL player Jon Ritchie on the Artie Lange Show? Yes, you do. (Feb. 6th)

View Part 2 of the Artie Lange Show here

The Alex Jones Show (Feb. 4th)

View Part 2 w/Alex Jones here

The nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM w/George Knapp (Feb. 1st)

The nationally syndicated Josh Tolley Show (Jan. 16th)


My "I'll take the high road" interview on NBC Sports Radio w/the NFL Network's Brian Webber (Dec. 26th)

My triumphant return to the Gamblers Book Club Podcast to discuss Larceny Games (Nov. 14th)

Boomer and Carton - WFAN in New York City (Sept. 19th)

Hruby Tuesday - Sports On Earth Podcast (Sept. 17th)

The Conspiracy Show w/Richard Syrett (Sept. 8th)

Yahoo! Sports Radio's The Steve Czaban Show (August 29th)

Fox Sports Radio's JT the Brick (August 20th)

The nationally syndicated Steve Czaban Show (Feb. 11th)

The Tony Basilio Show - WVLZ Knoxville, TN (Feb. 14th)


Alex Jones (Oct. 23rd)

Alex Jones (Sept. 27th)


 My 2nd appearance on Erskine Overnight (Feb. 19th) 


On The Sports Junkies (106.7 The Fan in Washington DC) - I actually angered Lorenzo Alexander of the Washington Redskins so much during this interview that he called into the show to have at me (listen to Part 2):

The nationally syndicated Steve Czaban Show (April 28)


Chris Myers Interviews (Nationally Syndicated)

(only the first 10 minutes of the 30-minute interview with Myers were released to me)

The Sports Reporters with Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin (ESPN 980 in Washington DC)

Howard Eskin and Ike Reese (WIP Sports Radio 610 in Philadelphia)

Other Appearances - No Audio Available

The Brian Kenny Show (NBC Sports Radio)

The Dino Costa Show (SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Mad Dog Sports)

Playboy's Playbook (Playboy Radio)

Rob Barr (Sports Byline USA)

The Beat of Sports (AM 740 in Orlando)

Dialed In with Claire B. Lang (SiriusXM Satellite Radio's NASCAR Channel)

Last Call (Hardcore Sports Radio - SiriusXM Satellite Radio Canada)

Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show

Clough Talk (104.3 The Fan in Denver)

NY Baseball Live w/Joe Boesch

Ragz & The Bartender (The Fan in Fort Wayne, IN)

The Chris Ello Show (Xtra Sports Radio 1360 in San Diego)

The Sports Insiders w/Vic and Gary (ESPN 1600 in Denver)

The Rob Long Show (Fox Sports Radio 1370 in Baltimore)

Homer with Thunder (ESPN 540 in Milwaukee)

Hardly Workin' with Greg Burton (ESPN 950 in Richmond, VA)

Primetime with Isaac & Big Suke (ESPN 1080 in Portland)

The Andy Slater Show (WFTL Sports Radio 640 in Pompano Beach, FL)

Overtime with Bill Rohland (106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC)

The Odd Couple Sports Show (Fox Sports Radio WCWA 1230 in Toledo, OH)

The Mike Heller Show (The Big 1070 Sports Radio, Madison WI)

Rob Kerr's Sportsline (The Fan 960 AM in Calgary)

Inside Sports w/Dan Tencer (CHED 630 AM in Edmonton)

The Locker Room (CHML 900 AM in Hamilton)

The Phunn House w/Joe Anderson (ESPN 1500 AM in Minneapolis)

The Jason Gregor Show (The Team 1260 AM in Edmonton)

Brainfood From The Heartland with Louis B. Free

Adam & Joe (ESPN Triangle in Raleigh NC)

Charlie Bernstein (ESPN Radio 1420 in St. Augustine FL)

The Mighty Gwinn Show(Sports Talk 790 AM in Houston, TX)

The Raheel & Nuno Show (1560 AM The Game in Houston, TX)

Sports Talk with Steve Tannen (ESPN 95.3 The Score in Eugene, OR)

Mayhem in the A.M. (The Zone - Sports Radio 790 in Atlanta)

The Chris & Jason Show (ESPN Radio 1250 in San Antonio TX)

The Sports Edge (The Fan 590 in St. Louis)

Mo Egger (ESPN Radio 1530 in Cincinnati)

The Thom Abraham Show (Sports Radio 560 in Nashville TN)

Ian & Margery (My Talk 107.1 in Minneapolis)

The Early Birds with Drew Deener (WKRD 790 in Louisville)

Sports Talk (CHQR 770 in Calgary)

Chuck & Doug (WJDX The Score Sports Radio in Jackson MS)

Tom Haukap (KYNT Sports Radio 1450 in South Dakota)

The Half-Assed Morning Show (KXXR 93.7 in Minneapolis)

Don Trello and Larry Tate (Sports Radio 1450 in Springfield IL)

The Tom and Lisa Morning Show (95.1 WIIL Rock in Kenosha WI)


The Johnny Ballgame Show (SuperTalk KLBM 1450 AM in Oregon)

America Tonight with Kate Delaney

The John Carney Show (KMOX AM in St. Louis)

Jerry Puffer (KSEN AM in Shelby, Montana)

The Big Show w/Richard Delancey (The Game 107.1 in Vermont)

Money Matters with Gary Goldberg (Business Talk Radio Network)

The Final Word with Jay Reelz & J.D. (Blog Talk Radio)

Talk Sarasota with Sherman Baldwin (WTMY AM 1280 in Sarasota, FL)

Scriptures For America Worldwide Broadcast Network w/Pastor Peters

 Dave Hodges on The Common Sense Show (Republic Broadcasting Network)

Seize The Day with Gus Lloyd (The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM Satellite Radio)

Bulldog and The Rude Awakening (WOCM 98.1 FM in Ocean City, MD)

The Sunday Morning Bullpen with Jeff Murphy and Harry Gibbs (WHTK 1280 AM in Rochester NY)

Going Home with Mark Cope (KXYL 1240 AM in Brownsville, TX)

The Panama Show (KBZZ 1270 AM in Reno, NV)

Statewide Nevada w/Rodd Stowell (KTSN 1340 AM in Elko, NV)

The SportsNutz (104.1 The Ranch in Carthage, TN)

The Sports Parade (KCAA 1050 AM in Loma Linda, CA) - Three appearances

The M & M Show (Sports Radio WPDC 1600 AM & WOYK 1350 AM in York, PA) - Twice

The Dan Lovallo Show (WDRC 1360 AM in Hartford, CT)

Heatwave Sports (Fox Sports 920 in Las Vegas) - Two appearances

High Roller Radio (Internet) - Two appearances

Mike Bunge (KXEL 1540 in Waterloo, IA)

Think or Be Eaten (Internet Radio) - Two appearances

Whispers Radio (Internet Radio)

Jim Harold's The Conspiracy Corner (Internet Radio)

The Dog and Deuce Show (Blog Talk Radio)

Talking Sports (KSNM 570 AM in New Mexico)

The Alan Eisenberg Show (WRJN 1400 AM in Racine, WI)

Leading Off w/Joe Shuta (WFBG 1290 AM in Altoona, PA)

Fantasy Sports and Politics (Blog Talk Radio)

Truth Warrior (990 WBOB in Providence, RI)

9 Innings with TG & Mitch (Internet Radio)

The Conundrum with Charlie Bernstein

Sports Talk (88.3 FM at Western Illinois University)

Universal Truth Evolution on Blog Talk Radio

Backfield Sports Radio (Blog Talk Radio)

KW Magazine (CKWR 98.5 FM in Waterloo, Ontario)

The Raw Feed

Type 3 TV on UStream

Fantasy Alarm (Fantasy Sports Channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio)

Down at the Crossroads (Internet Radio)

The Show with Michael Grey & Petey Mac (ESPN 590 AM in Omaha, NE)

The Extreme Society Show (Internet Radio)

The Fan vs. Fan Show (Blog Talk Radio)

Primetime (ESPN 1040 AM in Tampa, FL)

Charlie McGrath's Wide Awake News (Internet Radio) - Two Appearances

Freedomizer Radio w/Proof Negative (Blog Talk Radio)

Sportz Addix (Blog Talk Radio)

Stocks and Jocks (AM 1240 & 1470 in Chicago, IL)

The Sports Goombas (WIBG in New Jersey)

The Norris and Davis Show (105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, MD)

The Peter Boyles Show (710 AM KNUS in Denver, CO)

The Front Porch (SiriusXM)

Maryland's Morning News (WBAL in Baltimore)

The Stu Bryer Show (WICH 1310 AM in Norwich, CT)

Panama (CBS Sports Radio 96.1 FM in Reno, NV)

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